Hair Science Institute has a separate research
division under the leadership of doctor and
researcher Coen Gho. This division conducts
both fundamental research and clinical trials.
The HSI R&D division is specifically focused
on the development of new methods of hair
restoration and the ongoing development and
improvement of the HST method.

In the field of research, HSI works with a number
of specialists connected with research centres
and teaching hospitals, including Dr. Neumann
of the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam.
The scientific foundations of the findings which
develop out of this are regularly published in a
number of scientific and medical journals.
Source: article by C. Gho MD, Brithish Journal of Dermatology, 2004; 150: 860-868

Hair Stem Cell Transplantation

In his previous work, doctor Coen Gho made four remarkable discoveries:


Regeneration of hair growth does not require a whole follicle.


The remaining portion of the follicle generates a new hair.


One hair follicle can produce two hairs.


Multiple follicles can develop from one donor follicle.

Hair Science Academy

The Hair Science Academy (HSA) is established in order to embed an institute where the highest level of training and education are offered. Here, doctors and nurses are specialised and certified on Hair Stem Cell Transplantation ® (HST).