The Institute

Hair Science Institute (HSI) has clinics in Jakarta, Amsterdam,
Maastricht and London. HSI has three equally important

  • Research & Development
  • Hair Science Academy
  • Clinics

This section describes the different tasks of these three divisions,
explains the HSI philosophy and presents our goals for the future.

Our structure

HSI has three equally important divisions:

1: HSI - Research & Development
This division is focused on the development of new restoration methods and the ongoingdevelopment of HST. Goal of this division is to improve efficiency, instruments andconsistency continuously.

2: Hair Science Academy
The HSA is erected in order to embed an institute where the highest level of training andeducation are offered. Here doctors and nurses are specialised and certified by doctorCoen Gho on HST. Also see Hair Science Academy. 

3: HSI - Clinics
The clinics offer the very highest in hair transplantation quality. Here specially developedmedical instruments are used. All medical personnel are specialised and have completed anextensive internal course of training in the technique led by doctor Gho.

Coen Gho

Doctor and researcher Coen Gho is a specialist in diseases of the hair. He is considered an authority in the field by the medical community. Since 1992, he has  been pursuing fundamental research and clinical trials in the field, in close collaboration with universities and practicing and teaching hospitals. His work has resulted in a range of new therapies and treatment methods for burn wounds and diseases of the hair. His latest technique (now European patented) is Hair Stem Cell Transplantation®.


The Hair Science Institute works together with an increasing number of institutions specialising in a variety of fields and all representing patients and clients who  can benefit from the recovery of natural hair growth.

Working at HSI

For doctors and nurses alike, working at Hair Science Institute means working in a close-knit team relationship. Naturally, with clinics and intake centres in Indonesia, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Austria, the working environments are extremely diverse. Both doctors and nurses are trained within HSI. After certification, they are able to perform even the most complex HST treatments. Because this involves independent communication with clients, proficiency in English is required.

HSI Worldwide

Hair Science Institute receives clients from all over the world. We want to be able to provide for all our clients and, wherever possible, establish regional clinics to be staffed with HSI-trained and certified local doctors and nurses who can speak the language of their clients.